Beginner Piano Lessons - List of lessons covered in subscription

These lessons cover the basic piano technique, reading notes and rhythm.
They provide the building blocks in learning how to read and play music.
The lessons use Alfred's Lessons Book level 1A and are synchronizing video with the sheet music.


Learn the Piano Keys

Learn the piano keys, their names and how to recognize them quickly.

Daily Warm Up Practice

The recommended every day warm up exercises to develop good fingers and arm technique.

Alfred p.8 - Measures and Quarter Notes

Music is divided into units called measures. Usually each measure has the same number of beats or counts.

Alfred p.9 - Half Notes

Half notes have 2 beats. Play using fingers 2, 3 and 4 on each hand.

Alfred p.10-11 - Whole Notes

Whole notes have 4 beats.

Alfred p.12-13 - Hand-Bells

This is about Dynamic Signs. They tell you how soft or loud to play and how your playing can become expressive..

Alfred p.14-15 - Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

More frequent change of hands, using quarters, half notes and whole notes

Alfred p.15-16 - Old MacDonald

Have more fun with learning Old MacDonald. Move hands up to different octaves.

Alfred p.20 - Batter Up!

Playing on the white keys using the fingers 1, 2 and 3 for each hand.

Alfred p.21 - My Clever Pup

Time Signature shows how many beats are in each measure and what kind of beats they are. 4/4 means there are 4 quarters in each measure. Play using fingers 1, 2, 3 and 4 for each hand.

Alfred p.22 - The Zoo

Play using all fingers on both hands and more dynamic signs.

Alfred p.23 - Playing in a new position.

Left hand plays from C one octave below middle C.

Alfred p.24 - Sailing.

Learn 3/4 time signature and dotted half note.

Alfred p.25 - Skating.

More practice with 3/4 time signature.

Alfred p.26 - Wishing Well.

Half note and quarter in waltz rhythm in 3/4 time signature.

Alfred p.29 - Rain, Rain!

Learn and play notes in F Clef for the Left Hand.

Alfred p.31 - A Happy Song

Learn and play notes in G Clef for the Right Hand.

Alfred p.33 - C Position on the Grand Staff

Play in C position on the grand staff, both hands.

Alfred p.34 - A Happy Song for two hands

Alternating Left Hand in F Clef and Right Hand in G Clef.

Alfred p.35 - See-Saws

Legato notation for playing smoothly and uninterrupted.

Alfred p.36 - Just a Second

Intervals are distances between notes. In this lesson we learn the second or step .

Alfred p.37 - Ballons

Tied Notes.

Alfred p.38 - Who's on Third?

Intervals: the Third.

Alfred p.39 - Mexican hat Dance

Using the intervals of seconds and thirds.

Alfred p.40 - Melodic and harmonic intervals

Using the intervals of seconds and thirds in melody and harmony.

Alfred p.41 - Rock Song

The quarter rest is a one beat silence (rest), we count it but we don't play.

Alfred p.42 - Rockets

Melody in Right hand and harmonic intervals in the left hand.

Alfred p.43 - Sea Divers

Harmonic intervals in Right hand and melodic intervals in the left hand.

Alfred p.44 - Play a Fourth

Interval of Fourth.

Alfred p.45 - July the Fourth

More practice with the interval of Fourth.

Alfred p.46 - Old Uncle Bill

Left hand plays the harmonic intervals to accompany the melody in the right hand.

Alfred p.47 - Love Somebody

The whole note rest.

Alfred p.48 - My Fifth

Interval of Fifth.

Alfred p.49 - The Donkey

Playing harmonic intervals of 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths.

Alfred p.51 - Jingle Bells

G Position practice for both hands.

Alfred p.52-53 - Willie & Tillie

Starting with "Incomplete measure".

Alfred p.54 - A Friend Like You

Incomplete first measure of 3 beats and half note rest .

Alfred p.55 - My Robot

The Sharp sign - # - raises the note by half step.

Alfred p.56 - Rockin'Tune

The flat sign - b - lowers the note by half step.

Alfred p.57 - Indian Song

More challenging in coordinating Right and Left hands.

Alfred p.58 - Rain Drops

Staccato playing where notes are short and separate (opposite of legato).

Alfred p.59 - It's Halloween!

Staccato and more dynamic signs, crescendo and decrescendo or diminuendo.

Alfred p.60 - Horse Sense

Review of C position, legato and dynamic signs.